[MPlayer-users] Where is amr_nb code? (SOLUTION)

Mario Valle mvalle at cscs.ch
Mon Apr 18 12:17:22 CEST 2005

Maybe could be useful to put somewere the instructions to add 3GPP movie support in 
mplayer. Here is, answering my own question, what I have found:

1) Download and unpack the latest mplayer CVS. I used MPlayer-20050414

2) Go to http://www.3gpp.org/ftp/Specs/latest/Rel-5/26_series/

3) From here download the files:


4) Unzip 26073-5??.zip and the contained 26073-5??_ANSI_C_source_code.zip
    rename the resulting c_code directory to MPlayer-.../libavcodec/amr

5) Unzip 26104-5??.zip and the contained 26104-5??_ANSI_C_source_code.zip
    rename the resulting c_code directory to MPlayer-.../libavcodec/amr_float

6) Unzip 26204-5??.zip and the contained 26204-5??_ANSI-C_source_code.zip
    rename the resulting c_code directory to MPlayer-.../libavcodec/amrwb_float

7) Execute the usual ./configure, check the messages that should contain something like:
	Checking for amr narrowband ... yes
	Checking for amr narrowband, fixed point ... no (disabled by amr_nb)
	Checking for amr wideband ... yes

9) make, make install as usual

8) Enjoy your stamp-size movies...


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